Who am I?

Who I am is Lee Cawley, a 25 year verteran of the games industry and 30+ years as a games/software developer. I started in 1982 on the ZX81, with my first professional game job in 1985.

I am an artist, designer and programmer with a portfolio of almost 70 games, numerous development tools and even some award winning software for Ericssons when I was a telecomms engineer.

I have Assembly language experience on four processors, 6502, Z80, 68000 and 8086. Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0. Lingo, Java (J2ME), VB6 and .Net, along with C# for applications and some XNA games programming... plus a small amount of C.

3D experience with 3DS Max since version 3 and to a much lesser extent, Maya. 2D experience mainly in Photoshop and Pro-Motion (for 2D sprite-work and tile based level maps).

Other Pages:

Internet Protection

Helicopter Effects (compatibility verification)
(Working perfectly well in GTAV 1365.. see video on the page).

Mod Thoughts

Big Steaming GTA V Bloopers

Map Location Images

Modding Tips:

Vehicles - Why Size Matters

Blips - Manage Your Blips

Textures - POT vs NPOT

Keys - Modify Your Behaviour

Collections - Lists and Dictionaries (Includes full sample script)

Angled Areas - What's Your Angle?

Performance - Manage Your Time
(Includes full sample project)

Legacy Collection:

On-Foot Cinematic Camera

Pick Your Ride and Pick Your Ped


Helicopter Effects

Ground Vehicle Effects

Vehicle Effects Pool

World Guide System

CCTV Watcher

Bro-Tec DIS

Car Services

Glowing Brake Discs

Players Extended

Lights, Camera, Action
*New* (15/06/2019 Time based stuff added)

Miscellaneous Scripts

Mini-Games Extended

MGE - Courier Services

Vehcle Spawn Factory

Creating a Racetrack Overlay
Apps and Mod combined.

(Includes full barebones project)

GTAV Script Mod Collection... Was here!

Note: If the chronology of this page is confusing, the latest things I have posted are at the top.

Update 25-06-2019: AVE update with a video showing the mod's configuration builder in use.

Update 24-06-2019: Started an Air Vehicle Effects page, what you see might be all it ever turns into.

Update 21-06-2019: Added a Designer's Bucket List page... a page of "what if" type speculation on some modding ideas I had and every now and again, still have.

Update 20-06-2019: Wrote this update comment... removed some other comments. My whole day in a sentence. Oh and I got blocked from commenting and voting on Imgur, so that's another account in the trash.

Update 15-06-2019: Some stuff added to the LCA page.

Update 02-06-2019: So there we have it, one final outburst that has ended my time on the last forum I could visit. I guess that just about wraps my life up... thanks for watching.

Update 31-05-2019: *sigh*

Update 11-05-2019: Short page added on Internet Protection with regards to Ad-Blocking and the Windows HOSTS file.

Update 09-05-2019: Well that pretty much went as expected. smh

I almost got tempted to switch on my VPN to make some covert accounts to see what is happening *behind the scenes* so to speak but ultimately, why bother? If something's going to get released out of the way, where I can't see if any credits have been given, or it's another request that gets ignored, then so be it... It's just sad that the videos on YouTube have got more views than pretty much any other mod I have shown, which means there's a definite interest in the idea. There's no point in me doing any more with it, because there's nothing I could do with the finished mod anyway. Someone else has to do it, so I don't get caught up with where it ends up. Ah well...

Update 30-04-2019: Airbags page updated to include the full project file that was used to create my YouTube videos. I don't enjoy this anymore and I don't have time for it. People are free to use the contents of the project however they see fit, I just ask for a simple credit as the source of the code, nothing more.

Update 09-04-2019: Well the brake disc story finally got its happy ending, so I guess that's a rare positive on the site.

Update 07-04-2019: If you look through the pages on this site, you'd almost get the idea I knew what I was doing... wouldn't you? And then today, I proved to myself once again, that I really haven't got a fracking clue. I was given a single line of code, that should have helped with the brake-disc problem I was dealing with a while back. A single line of code... how hard could that be to implement? Well, based on my skill level, fracking impossible it would seem.

I don't get it... I just don't fracking get it. How can I write complex mods in a couple of days, then spend several hours trying and failing to get a single line of code to work? This is exactly the kind of thing that means I can never get back involved with any kind of community again. I can't leave the anger I feel towards my own incompetence out of the things I say, as you can tell from this update. So I end up taking the anger to where it doesn't belong.

I feel like a fraud and I am tired of fooling myself.

Added some info and a question on the Glowing Brake Discs page as well, if anyone's passing by.

Update 27-03-2019: Small page added about the Race Overlay apps and mod I created a week or so ago, just before I imploded again.

Sitting here wondering if I have finally managed to burst the GTA V bubble. No desire to play the game, no desire to create anything for the game... maybe the finish line is closer than I anticipated.

Update: It's now THIRTY-ONE days since I loaded either GTA V (other than to update the game and get the latest files) or Visual Studio... I think we're done here.

Update 16-03-2019: I am sure some of you saw my latest videos and are now thinking "Well I see he was lying about quitting again." and the answer to that is no, I'm not. I got lured back into modding by an addon map and then realised what a terrible mistake it was. I should have learned from Players Extended, Courier Services and Vehicles in Demand and what I should have learned is... "Keep things to yourself!!"... it's the only safe option.

In case anyone (ROFL) is wondering what's happening with Penetrator, 5 very bad days meant I could barely stand to look at Visual Studio. It's not a dead project (not yet anyway) but I need a major motivation boost from somewhere to continue... just not sure where from.

As I am sure you can gather from the section above, not only is Penetrator a dead project, everything is a dead project.

As I have always said, "It only needs one person to enjoy what you create, to make that process worthwhile and rewarding."

It's kind of ironic that having made that statement, I don't even have that anymore. Now it's just me, for me and it's getting harder to motivate myself to just keep creating... for just me.

I am what I am and what that is... is broken. I don't expect people to tolerate someone like that and I don't ask anyone to do so. But you equally don't get something for nothing in this life. So my achievements in GTA V modding will slip into nothing and that will be it...

But you know, across the world, in one or two houses, there are game boxes sat on shelves. And in those boxes is a small booklet... and in those booklets, is my name. Right there alongside people who made a much bigger mark but still alongside them. Not too many people exit life with names like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari, Ocean, Mirrorsoft, Microprose, Tecmo, Namco, Psygnosis, Team 17 and Eidos in their work history. Those are big names in the generation I am part of and I am proud to have been part of that...

And then there's MC Lothlorien (aka Icon Design), English Software, Binary Design, Linel, Anco, Tiertex, Virtucraft, Rockpool Games. Most of those were part of the backbone of the UK games industry, when it used to be a real games industry, fuelled by passion to create games for people to play, not outright GREED.

I was there as a gamer when gaming really started, when Pong was innovation and I got to watch that industry grow and mature and it was fun. Eventually, all the fun stops...

I wish I had been better at what I did, we all do... but I was good enough to be part of teams that created award winnng software, and got 5-Star reviews and not just from people who wanted something for free.

So no matter how insignificant my time might appear to have been, my mark has been left on tangible products. For as long as all those booklets and manuals remain, it proves I was here and did something some people appreciated. I stood in game shops watching people hand over money for something I helped create, there aren't many better feelings than that. Most people disappear from life and leave nothing behind, so for this small piece of writing, on a small piece of paper, I have the reassurance that there is some small physical record of who I was and what I did.

I made my mark...

As my modding future is finite, this site will now evolve into a legacy site that reflects everything I have achieved and developed during the past few years as a GTAV Mod developer. I am still trying to push my boundaries to create greater things.

These are my creations and this is what I am proud of... Creating is what I do, it is pretty much all I can do... and I have to try and enjoy doing it, while I still can. This page will evolve but the only content will be creative.

The LCA content has been moved off this front page onto its own page.

Below is a connectivity diagram showing the connected structure of my recent mods. This has been the driving force behind why I am creating anything right now. A network of communicating, data sharing, experience enhancing mods. Vehicles In Demand is part of the Minigames Extended project, which may or may not be at the conclusion of that project.

WGS is the real workhorse. It's ability to take in new locations and integrate them with the existing database of locations has vastly expanded how my mods can provide location based info to the player. And because it's constantly running a low-overhead, location processing system, nearby locations are always just a function call away.

DIS is the main vehicle handler and with the recently added quick-exit function, vehicles can integrate the functionality and then be released with the simple press of a button.