Who am I?

Who I am is no longer important.

What I did is no longer important.


GTAV Script Mod Collection... Was here!

Apparently... I was "triggered" into this decision.

The words of another disrespectful little parasite who contributes f**k all to the modding community, other than telling people how to create their mods... and you wonder why I stopped modding for this back-stabbing community.

Here's a quote to ponder...

I suggest you take that message in very carefully because at this rate, GTA V modding is going to be left with the latter pairing.

Oh and for the record, my mods are getting updated quite regularly thanks. What you see and what you get are two very different things... especailly when you get nothing.

I think people seem to forget one very important factor in all this. 99% of my mods were requests, some of those requests were personal creations exclusively for that one person. 100% of my mods were FREE! In case that concept is confusing, that's when someone isn't saying "F**k that, I'm not doing that unless you pay me to do it".

My first mod had close to 1000 hours of time invested in it... not thirty or forty, a thousand. Not a single penny changed hands for that mod. My helicopter effects took a very similar length of time and again, not a single penny changed hands. You show me a single person who isn't creating scripts, that will dedicate that much time and effort and not demand money to do it.

Simple Trainer V by sjaak327, now at version 7.3, has god knows how many hours invested in it and what doesn't it have on the mod page? That's right, it doesn't have any begging, no Patreon button, no PayPal button, no YouTube button, because it's another scripter who takes pride and satisfaction from what they do and still has to put up with the shit from people saying "Do this, add this, make it do this...". I mean seriously, read the comments on that mod page and he still replies to them. He doesn't whine and go running to moderators to "remove the nasty comments because they hurt your feelings". I have 110% respect for the guy because he tolerates more than I would. He deserves a much better platform to show his ability off on.

So when you see those modders demanding $45 to motivate them to do thirty to forty hours of questionable quality work (which probably took them half that time based on the end results from some of them), with game-standard features requiring "extra motivation"... just remember who worked for free. Just remember who shared endless amounts of information... for free. Thirty hours was two of my normal modding days, it's an insignificant amount of time... and everything I created was built from scratch, not created by someone else, then stolen and sold as "My creation".

Every time an update dropped, my mods were updated... for free. You try getting those paid vehicle mods updated and again, it will require "extra motivation" and that's if you're lucky... most of the time you'll just get silence. 18 months after I released my first mod, it was getting updated, it was getting bug reports checked and fixed if required. I combined several mods because my concerns were about the end user's performance and stability... I could have just kept on churning out individual mods and expecting users to just keep piling them all up. But no, I gave a f**k about users, because that's what professional developers do. But when you don't give a f**k back, then we stop. You call it "being triggered", I call it "Giving you what you deserve".

I mean, do you really think you can disrespect people who dedicate that much time and effort into a community and not expect them to get completely p*ss*d off with you? My ground effects was in response to a request by the disrespectful fecker who now accuses me of being "triggerred"...how's that for gratitude? Of course, now they're sucking up to the person making the "replacements" to my mods, because that's what they do... suck up until they get what they want, then screw you over when it all goes south. "Brown-nosing" is not a positive trait, I can assure you... no matter how commonplace it seems to be.

I never asked for anything in return other than a bit of respect and instead I get accused of being "triggered"... screw that! Any thoughts of putting my mods back online, are now gone for good. I can create the mods I need.... how about you? Want some particle effects? Get begging!!

HAHAHA, this is the funniest thing I have read in a while in response to an XML problem and from someone who believes they are the modding elite, because they know assembly language and can "reverse engineer" *yawn*. 40 years ago, these were common programming skills... everyone in game development was programming in assembler language. The Atari 2600 had a 6507 CPU, a lesser version of the 6502 CPU used in computers like the Commodore 64 and the BBC Micro. By the end of the 1990's, most of us knew 6502, Z80, 68000 and 8086. Some of us were still writing commercial games as late as 2001 in Z80, on the Gameboy Colour and I am sure many continued after that. Gamng has been around for over 40 years, GTA modding has not...

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