Who am I?

My name is Lee Cawley, aka LeeC2202 on GTAForums (and until recently, GTA5-Mods) and since 1985, I have been a game developer in one form or another... either artist, programmer, designer, or combinations of the three.

At the back end of 2015, I bought GTAV and was immediately attracted to the possibilities of modding the game. I spent quite a bit of time writing small and insignificant mods that performed various tasks for personal use.

Then after being a member of GTA5-Mods for a while, I picked up on a request that struck just the right note, this was the On-Foot Cinematic Camera mod. My knowledge of GTA modding was limited and my understanding of what was possible was pretty much zero... but as time went on, my knowledge grew and so did the mod.

That's how it all began.

If you're having any problems or this is your first time with GTAV mods, please see this page to help get you started.

This site is fresh and new and more info may be added as time goes by. My primary aim was to provide a place where I could host my mods and maybe offer some help in the form of information pages.

The site is also not a 24/7 website, it goes offline between 1:30am and 10:00am UK time every day.

To contact me, send an email to this address:

GTAV Script Mod Collection.

On-Foot Cinematic Camera.

From a request on the GTA5-Mods site, this mod was created to add the cinematic camera option to the on-foot mode.

The end result was a mod that far exceeded my original expectations.


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Helicopter Effects / Random Dirty Cars / Bus Lights

Another request on GTA5-Mods again turned into something more than just a simple effects mod. Over time, this became a combo mod, containing 3 game-enhancing effects


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Ground Vehicle Effects

This was a mod that was frequently requested but until recently, I was reluctant to do. It is based on similar principles to my Helicopter Effects but works for wheeled ground vehicles instead.


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Screen Effects and other mods

This page contains my Screen Effects mod and other smaller script mods or programmes, that are all concerned with GTAV modding



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