Who am I?

Who I am is Lee Cawley, a 25 year veteran of the games industry and 30+ years as a games/software developer. I started in 1982 on the ZX81, with my first professional game job in 1985.

I am an artist, designer and programmer with a portfolio of almost 70 games, numerous development tools and even some award winning software for Ericssons when I was a telecomms engineer.

I have Assembly language experience on four processors, 6502, Z80, 68000 and 8086. Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0. Lingo, Java (J2ME), VB6 and .Net, along with C# for applications and some XNA games programming... plus a small amount of C.

3D experience with 3DS Max since version 3 and to a much lesser extent, Maya. 2D experience mainly in Photoshop and Pro-Motion (for 2D sprite-work and tile based level maps).

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GTA V Modding

August 11th 2020, a day that should have been our 25th wedding anniversary, is instead the 10th wedding anniversary that I have spent alone since my wife died. I didn't want to be here for this one but I am going to put 120% effort into making sure I am not here for the next one.


They say games are great because you can do things in them you can't do in real life... and you know what, they're right. popgroups.dat + search & replace = population control.

Y'all ain't be running your bitch-ass protests in my town. W L M... know what I'm sayin' "homie"? WLFM!


You know, I recently told someone that my views weren't needed in this community anymore and despite me posting a page about... well it doesn't matter what it was about, the fact is, I should have taken more notice of my own sentiment.

Someone would have no doubt come here a few days from now, to take something they can get for free (like knowledge, information or files of some kind) and got butthourt by an opinion instead. Ironic that the information, knowledge, opinion and files are all based on the same 35+ years of experience.

So here's my advice to anyone who doesn't like what they see here... STAY AWAY FROM THE SITE!

Here's some information to help you do that:

1) Go to windows\System32\drivers\etc and drag the HOSTS file to your desktop

2) Open that file and at the top, add this line: gtavmodding.digital-essence.co.uk

3) Save the file

4) Drag it back to the location you got it from.

5) Enjoy the instant bliss from not having to read anything you don't want to see.

I have equally got a matching line for a certain site's forums and now a uBlock Origin filter that does this:

Anyone who knows that site, will know what is missing from that image.

I don't have ratings, I don't have stats that lie, I don't censor anything on these pages. But if what is on these pages, is something you all don't want to see or read, then stop looking.

If the desire to leech is too strong, then deal with the consequences. Coming here is your choice, the site will happily continue to exist without visitors.

So anyway, once again...