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A bunch of stuff that would be good to do but is unlikely to ever get done.


The Designer's Bucket List - Fill it or kick it?

There have always been a few things I didn't do modding wise, so this is just a short page that lists what some of those things are. It seems my *final* plan is proving harder to put into action than I anticipated, so that's still a WIP.

I'm not going to go into much detail on all the things on here but I might elaborate on some. The probability levels are based on what they would be if I was actively modding each day and this isn't the norm. 99% of the time, I am lucky if I even open Visual Studio for more than 10 minutes.

Some of these are enhancements for existing mods, some of them are something completely new altogether, some are possibly "never been seen before" type creations... or at least, I've never seen them before. So what are they?

1. Helicopter Effects - Advanced ground manipulation.

My maths has never been that great when it comes to 3D and this was a fine example of what happens when bad maths meets a good idea. I know quite a bit more than I did when I first created this though, so there are possibly enhancements I can now add that I couldn't have done before. What I have learnt is still only basic level stuff mind you but it does open a few more doors.

So things like prop and jet ground turbulence from aircraft. Rotation dependent effects for things like VTOL nozzles or the Osprey rotors. Enhanced downdraught calculations that will alter effect spawn positions based on a helicopter's rotor angle relative to the ground. At the moment, effects are always created directly under the rotor but that's not how it works in real life. Tilt forward and turbulence is created ahead of the rotor and slightly further behind for example.

Probability: Medium to High

Update: Turns out probability was even higher, this was completed in about a week. Some of the rotor stuff didn't make it in but the prop and jet stuff, along with the VTOL stuff all did. It's also now more efficient and possibly more effective as a result of the rewrite. It does now use memory accessing for VTOL and Rotor blade values, so an update will break it. Oh and the control mod was also renamed to Vehicle Effects as it covers more than just helicopters now. The effect system itself was moved completely into VEP, so the player's vehicle is handled like all the others.

2. Ground Vehicle Effects - Full per-wheel effect system.

At the moment, GVE switches to a midpoint system for certain effect types (like when it skids, it picks a point between the rear wheels and generates a single particle at that point), what I frequently consider is switching to a more complex, multi-particle-type system on a per-wheel basis. So that would mean extensively using looped and non-looped particles in a combined system, based on the type of effect being generated. It would need to incorporate predictive particle generation though and that's where my lack of maths skills would probably kill the idea.

Probability: Low

3. Supplementary rigged-mesh animation system.

All details under wraps at this point.

Probability: Medium - Early, very basic tests already in progress.

4. Penetrator.

Kinda annoys me how much I was into this project and then it all disappeared literally overnight.

Probability: Low

5. Blaine-Invaders

I kept toying with the idea of doing a 3D vector-graphics style shoot-em up over Blaine Country.

Probability: Unlikely

6. Rewrite On-Foot Cinematic Camera

This always had a whole bundle of problems but I guess that ultimately, it still works. Some newer vehicles kill it but the new vehicles are generally shite anyway.

Probability: Unlikely

7. Lights, Camera, Action - Full Timeline Editing

This was the original idea behind LCA, to have timeline editing like the Rockstar Editor. Because I don't have access to the same level of recording fidelity that the R* Editor has, plus the recorded physics being so volatile, meant that it wasn't a truly viable option.

R* can place a vehicle with complete precision and the vehicle can still interact with the game physics perfectly, if you try doing that yourself, you will see that repeatedly placing the vehicle at a set position causes the wheels to stop turning, thus the physics interaction gets broken. I presume this is why the Editor recordings are so much bigger than the LCA recordings. My 10 minute Nordschleife recordings were just 754KB per car, I only have a single Editor clip but it's 83MB, there's obviously a lot more going on under the hood of the R* Editor that I just can't replicate.

Either that or I just don't know what I am doing... which is more likely.

Probability: Slightly higher than hell freezing over.