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GTA V screw-ups, a lesson that anyone can get a job at Rockstar, you just have to be able to say "Yes sir" a lot and you're in.


The amazing screw ups of a greed fueled company - Part 1

GTA V makes me laugh, it has some funny moments but what makes me laugh more, is the sheer incompetence of the artists employed by Rockstar. You would think, with all that money rolling in, that they could afford professionals... but no, they clearly cut corners on that score as well, to ensure the greed is at max-level all of the time.

So let's look at some great examples of what these f*ckw*ts have created... remember, GTA V is based on Los Angeles, which is in the USA... right? So considering that, look at picture 1.

Seems an innocent enough picture right? There are places for the buses to stop, places for the passengers etc... but there's something very wrong with that picture... can you see it? Maybe picture 2 will help.

Do you see it now? What's that, you don't believe me? Have a look at picture 3 then.

What's that I hear... an apology? Just kidding, I am never likely to hear those words off anyone, so don't worry. But what picture 3 proves, is Rockstar artists f*ck*d up... big-style. How can you work in the USA, be doing graphics for a game based in the USA and create road elements for a country that drives on the left?

And ask yourself this... when the bus is ready to leave, where does it go? It can't turn round in that area, there is no other exit because of the barriers on the other side of this building. If this location was correct, it would simply reverse back and then drive straight out. This map location is a complete and total F*CK UP, of the highest order!!

This is how the other bus stations look that are angled. This is the correct way.

What's that at the back... it's just a what... a one-off? Do you think so? How about picture 4 then?

At least they got the drive-thru kiosks on the correct side... not that it matters because NONE OF THEM WORK FFS!!!

Amazing isn't it, $$$billions in the bank, idiots at the desks.

But hey, there's this great invention for game development studios... it's called a management hierarchy and up towards the top, there are art managers and producers, who get paid a shitload to make sure this kind of thing never happens. There's also QA, which is supposed to stop this kind of thing happening. Going off these and more to follow, Rockstar have a studio cat and a sandwich lady instead, because QA... pffft! Who needs that when mugs buy the game anyway? Triple AAA game, triple EEE skillset!

But there must be worse places to work at, surely? There is, pity the poor saps who work at the Los Santos Harmony Wellness Centre... the only way to get to the front door, is off the roof. That's gonna be some wheelchair access ramp that goes in, I can tell you.

There is only one word for this type of thing... MORONIC! If you get paid a decent fricking wage, then is it too much to expect people to do a proper fricking job? At Rockstar... it would seem so. And it's not as if these are subtle, hard-to-spot errors... they're fricking MASSIVE!

More to follow, including floating transport items and a church for the backward people of Los Santos.

So after trying the latest bus simulator mod and being appalled by the badly placed props, it reminded me that it isn't just the modders who opt for lazy prop placement.

One last bus related screw up... can you see a pattern here, or is it just me? Anyway, if you approach this bus stop on the left (the wrong side) you have plenty of time to pull in and straighten the bus, so that it isn't blocking traffic... which is the idea behind these types of bus stops. If you pull in on the right side, your bus is stuck out into traffic, plus you are at an angle, which is potentially hazardous to the passengers.

Hey, maybe this person is a perfect candidate for GTA VI, as a world-builder... sign them up, quick! But to be the perfect candidate, you need special texture skills, to be able to think outside the box... to be as lazy as f*ck.

In case you're wondering, this is the Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs, St Brigid (for the right-way-round people) is in Paleto Bay.

If you can do things as badly as this, then I am sure you would have a solid future at Rockstar... and let's face it, who couldn't do things as badly as that? Everyone, apply now!!

I will end part 1 with a gem and it's back at the Bus Station... follow the arrows, if you can.

Well I actually decided to fix the bus station. The lane lines might need redoing as the spacing is a little off. I tried to place them with the ground model in isolation and I should have added the station in a frozen state. Luckily, it's not hard to recreate them, so I might do that tomorrow.

The whole thing took maybe 2 or 3 hours but at least I have a bus station that allows buses in from the main entrance (They can even follow the arrows now), they can park up with the doors in the correct place and they can exit from the station area properly. All the car generators have been rotated and adjusted as well, so the buses should spawn in the correct places.

This is how it should have been in the first place.

Repairs now fully complete, all lines redone, all decals round the post footings redone, all car generators adjusted with some being moved or removed to provide better access. All in all, a successful and worthwhile fix... now to write something that uses it... quickly.