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This will not be a development page, this is merely a page to document the existence, technical implementation and functionality of this mod for posterity's sake.

Any mod I create now could be my last, so I need to record them in some form, for that reason alone.


Mini-Games Extended - Jobs for the girls (or boys)

Mini-Games Extended (MGE) is a service manager mod, that allows for multiple job types to be bolted on, to provide additional functionality to Players Extended, all handled by dedicated service controllers for each minigame type.

Vehicles in Demand

The first of these addons is Vehicles in Demand (VID). The mod was inspired by the Vehicle Export Missions mod by LCBuffalo... I just decided to expand the idea for multiple addon peds and reduce it to 1 car at a time for jobs.

This is a multi-location, multi-ped, vehicle selling system. Each location can only employ one ped at a time. No ped can work at more than one location at a time (employment status is verified when you try to get hired.

Each VID location is managed by a group of 3 people, the boss, the assistant and the secretary. The boss does the hiring, the assistant relays information and updates, and the secretary handles all vehicle returns and payments. Each location is based around a specific nationality, for example Wang Cars, Imports & Exports is a Chinese run company.

All companies are colour coded and the info displays will be tagged with a block of the company colour, so you can tell which company is providing the info. Compare the banner colour in image 1 of each set of 4 images, with the top-left info display in the next 3 images.

Each company will specialise in certain types of vehicle, so you can choose who to work for based on your vehicle preference. (Not implemented when these images were taken). There will be a random chance (5%) that a vehicle outside their specialist area might be chosen, for *special* orders. They will never choose the same vehicle type that you were last in. There is also a dedicated Motorcycle dealer in Stab City, if you're brave enough to get to the office, you'll be awarded the respect due and The Lost will no longer be a problem... as long as you work for them. Leave and things go back to normal.

Because the World Guide System can now accept locations being added from other mods, all locations are easily found through WGS navigation.

Payment is based on a variable percentage (set too high in the version used in these images) and damage will affect the final payment. Any badly damaged cars can be driven to the nearest auto-services, to be restored back to immaculate condition (courtesy of Car Services)... to earn you maximum profit. However, all repairs cost money, so you have to balance repair cost against the final payment value.

There is no time limit for each mission/order, the time display is simply there to let you know how much time you have spent searching for the vehicle and to give an indication of when a hint might arrive. The hint timer has a base value plus a random value on top, to ensure things don't run like a bus schedule.

Because there's no mission timer, there's no penalty either. You're not being asked to retrieve a specific car, you're being asked to retrieve a car of the type they want. So if you lose a car you're searching for, there will be more out there to find. If you lose a car you're on your way back with, it simply switches back into searching mode. (** more info below about the special orders and how they are affected by destroyed vehicles)

The mod uses a list of all cars in the game that are available to the version of the game you're running. So it won't try and spawn a Michelli in version 1032. Testing this across versions shows it works perfectly. It also employs a timeout system for vehicles that don't naturally spawn in traffic (unless you use Cyron43's Versatile Traffic, as I do). If a vehicle isn't spotted within a period of time, the assistant will notify you of a reported sighting in a reported (i.e. random) zone and when you get into that zone, a compatible vehicle will be spawned in the local'ish area. It tries to ensure that the vehicle is spawned out of sight, so it doesn't magically appear before your eyes.

Online only vehicles are implemented as "Special Orders" and will rely on reported sightings to direct you to the car. These special orders also carry a higher reward due to the slightly higher car/bike value.

The vehicle spawn-despawn system has now changed in that once a vehicle is spawned, it only disappears if it gets destroyed. This was mainly because the game was culling spawned vehicles almost instantly at times and it was a mess with the blips appearing all over the place. As a result of that, normal vehicles will drop you back into searching mode if the vehicle is destroyed. **Special order vehicles being destroyed will result in the order being cancelled, as they are potentially unique vehicle orders.

Because of the way vehicles are spawned and how they are collected and checked, it is possible for a vehicle to spawn into the world and not get collected. These will naturally get replaced by the system for normal vehicles. Special Order vehicles will remain persistent and you will get periodic updates from the VID Assistant about the vehicle's new location. This results in an interesting cross-map chase as you are only ever told the zone, not the direction of the vehicle.

A config file is created that stores the names of the services and the player's hash who is employed there. This ensures that when you reload the game, the mod knows who is employed at which service. As you switch players, the map blips will alter state, so that you always know where you work, and if required, where has a vacancy.

Garages Display

Wang Cars, Imports & Exports

Speedy Export Specialists

Technical info

Each location is defined by an angled area and an office location within that defined area. Angled Areas are defined with a custom creation tool, which makes it simple to create and test them. Areas can be as big or small as required and can be made to precisely define an exact area of interaction.