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Just some thoughts on mods that are out there, some good, some bad...

I rarely use other people's mods, simply because I don't trust the quality and stability. Despite other people's opinions on me being pretentious, I have the experience, I know how to do things, to make the game stay playable and stable.

Like it or not, experience counts for far more than opinion, when it comes to modding.


Mod Thoughts - What else do I use in my game?

Script Mods

Launcher Bypass - Unknown Modder
I simply couldn't work how I do without this mod, it's probably the most important mod out there for script modders.

Respawn Fix - Unknown Modder
Made my Players Extended mod really do what it should do. Swapping model hashes during normal gameplay causes those damned annoying mission notofications to appear, so this swaps them at the perfect time.

Heap Limit Adjuster - FiveM Systems Division
I don't honestly know if this helps with anything but the idea seems sound and it certainly doesn't make my game any less stable.

Simple Trainer V - sjaak327
I wouldn't use any other trainer and I have tried the rest. Would be better if some of the black rectangles weren't quite so big but I'll take them over the godawful performance and functionality problems of other menu-mods out there *cough*Menyoo*cough*.

ACSPatch - InfamousSabre (Auto Steering patch)
I can't see any logic in Rockstar's decision to auto-centre the wheels, so this makes things right. Just adds a bit of natural-ness back into the game.

As far as script-mods go, that's it, that's all I use. The only exception is if I ever need any prop placements, at which point I will switch to my game version with Map Editor installed. It has a proper placement mode and outputs data in useful formats, something that Menyoo doesn't do at all and Codewalker does half of... when you can get the output to actually work that is.

Have I tried anything else you might ask? Sure, here's my opinion on some that I have tried.

Enhanced Taxi Missions, Valet Parking and Vehicle Export Missions - LCBuffalo
This is an excellent collection of mods and despite reports of them not working, I had no problem running any of them in the latest game version. VEM was the inspiration for my Vehicles In Demand. I needed it to function slightly differently, so I created my own version based on what I had seen. Last comment he made on *that* mods site was in February 2017, so probably another casualty. Got to hand it to that site for imploding the GTAV modding scene in on itself, a spectacular job indeed.

LS Transit - Mordecki
I thought this had real potential and it seems as though the guy has just lost interest. Things were nicely presented, it all worked pretty well. Some of the stop placements were bad and the resource management had the potential to cause real problems but it was a good starting point.

Ever since planning a bus mod I have been looking for something that works well, I thought this had a shot.

In line with that, tonight I installed the Bus Simulator by I'm Not Mental. I don't know how well this mod works, because it wouldn't even start, bombed out in the constructor, so that was the end of that. The map part of the mod worked, so I had a drive round the map to see how things were placed. Even if the script had worked, I would have refused to have the badly placed props in my game. You can't just stick a bus stop on a slope and think "Yeah, that's okay", because it isn't. At the very least, you make a custom concrete footing prop and place it under the bus stop feet. He doesn't even provide details about adding the dlc file into the game, there's no readme, nothing. It's not hard to do but the effort modders put into giving instructions, is indicative of how much they care about their work. "Extract, Drag and Drop 'mods' and 'scripts' folder into your Grand Theft Auto V Directory." just does not work with dlc.rpf files and that's the whole "Install" instructions.

So unless I write my own, it looks like Bus mods are off the table. How fast could I write an AI driven bus mod I ask myself? That lets the player ride the bus, as well as drive the bus... interesting thought. Time's running out, it would have to be fast.

Update: I managed to get this Bus Simulator V to work tonight, did one mission and deleted it. I'm sorry but I don't know why people put up with mods like this. There is one thing a mod *must* do, and there's one thing a mod *can* do. What it must do, above all else, is work properly... and this doesn't. BUGS = INSTABILITY and nobody wants an unstable game, just to drive a bus.

What it *can* do, is have good presentation... and this doesn't have that either. And before I go any further, let me just state that this mod went through SIX Beta releases and FOUR full releases. That's TEN releases in total and it still has the problems I list below.

<*snip*> You know what... I actually don't care. I wrote a load of comments about what this mod does wrong but I just don't care. I spent an age the other night, exporting the Boxville van and the package props for my Courier Services mod, just so that I could place the packages in exactly the right place in the van (to the centimetre) and this bus mod can't place the bus stops right and can't even place the sodding markers properly. Why should I care about this level of garbage? The only place for mods like this, is the recycle bin... and that's where it is going. I might extract the buses though before it does.

Edit: Only the first 5 are still used.

Map and Traffic Mods

Prop Restore V - BlackScout (The YMap version, not the asi)
Guaranteed to have a permanent place in my system. Adds a lot of missing items that really add to the environment, especially in respect to my CCTV watcher and Car Services mods. The YMap option is by far the superior option in my opinion, because it gives you control if you don't want absolutely everything.

Edit: This is no longer used. I thought the ymap option was the better option, until I started changing the ymaps myself, then it became a pain.

Versatile Traffic - Cyron43
This doesn't cure the "let's spawn 15 versions of the same car" bug that Rockstar has in the game but it does make the streets much more varied by adding the online vehicles into traffic.

That's it with that type of mod, that's all I use.

These "Let's add 5 milion trees" mods are never going near my game, I don't know why adding 4,000 trees is supposed to make something more realistic. It seems more like a bad case of "Hey, there's a gap... let's put a tree in it", which is never going to end well. I tried WOV but to be honest, it's a disaster. I tried it on a completely clean install of 1493 and it looked like half of the AI had been removed. Freeways would suddenly be full of static cars facing all different directions, cars would be stopped on the wrong side of traffic lights. This is another classic case of "Don't understand how it all works but I'm going to add lots of things anyway". If you don't understand how things work, STOP!... until you do understand how they work. Making things spawn excessively, without consideration, is not doing that and it absolutely destroys the game. Why would anyone install a mod that makes things worse? More != Better, if the More == Broken.

Edit: This is no longer used in my game but not for any particular reason.


The more I add, the more I hate adding them. Since adding a few of the Vanillaworks cars, I rarely bother with other addons. I can't see the point in adding things that are going to cripple my game, when there are people producing decent, game-compatible mods. So I think it's lore friendly from here on in... The F3nt0n is producing some really good commercial vehicles, so my streets are well packed with variety... I just have to reduce all the livery sizes on everything. 2K & 4K == Unnecessary, when you are trying to add variety to a world. Game stability is the absolute King of the hill, with no compromise.

I installed a car to test this week for someone, it was a 250MB dlc.rpf file, had 600,000 polygons and no LODs. It had an interior tuning part that had 27,000 polys... it was headrests and cup-holders... you're having a freaking laugh pal. It was a single addon and it required a modded gameconfig on its own.

Update: Ironic that I mentioned Vanillaworks cars, as I also downloaded a car of theirs today that had tuning parts disabled because of UV mapping on spoilers and yet they released it with utterly trashed dirt mapping. One version had the drivers door dirtmapped, that was it. Interesting they said *You must have version 1604 to use this mod*... my version 1032 says otherwise. :P Where there's a will, there's a way...

Edit: I now don't install any addon vehicles beyond the commercial vehicles mentioned above. None of the addon packs I created are still in use, Pick Your Ride is left abandoned in an older version of the game that doesn't work anymore.


Anything by Alex189 is going to be decent. Anything not by him is probably not going to be decent, or at best, have a 50/50 chance. His Cyberpunk girl has the most hypnotising, leather clad behind, ever seen in a game. Truly a wondrous sight to behold.

The fact is, rigging peds is hard, really hard. Rigging cars is an absolute piece of p*ss by comparison. You can spend days rigging a ped, you could rig a whole car in hours, because rigid-body rigging is easier by a long way. But if you can't rig peds, your work is going to look rubbish when they move. If you can't rig peds, convert cars instead... is my advice.

Edit: "Anything by Alex189 is going to be decent.", I rememeber when that used to be true, now the money seems to have gone to his head.

Graphics Mods

For a long time I was using QuantV with its Reshade and then I discovered that ENB was causing timing issues in one of my mods (LCA) and removed it. However, since LCA is now a dead project, I might put it back again. I still use the QuantV timecycle files (v1 though, not v2), because they are by far the best out there, or they are when you tweak the clear weather to get rid of the yellow tint. I tried NVR for 2 days then removed it all... horrible apart from the sunset looking towards the sun. I tried VisualV and that doesn't even have the sunset as a high point. I'm also not sold on this new version of ENB, it seems to cause more problems than it adds benefits, so I have to turn lots of things off. Out of all the graphics mods out there, QuantV has only ever been one that seemed to handle things in a more natural way. Everything else is tinting things with green, or killing the contrast and environment (I hate the ones that remove atmospherics or visual effects), or turn the vivid control up to 12.

So as you can see, I run very few mods and the main reason is simply stability. A badly running mod affects my own mods and I put far too much effort into them, to let another mod destroy that hard work.