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This page is about my Players Extended mod, a mod that throws open the world of addon peds, making them accessible and more interactive than ever.

WARNING! This is my therapy mod, this is intended to keep me away from the edge... Content on this page could get feisty on bad days, which are every day. If you want jolly stories about mod development, this probably isn't the page for you.

This hasn't been a free-flowing project like my others, this really is a battle of wills to keep going and I lose that battle a lot. Some days just a couple of lines of code get written, other days see more happening... but it's hard to keep this going, really hard.

I don't expect people to understand just how critical this mod is, I don't expect them to care how critical it is... but this is a make or break mod for me.

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Players Extended - Addon peds at your fingertips (Page 5)

No more talk, just pictures...

Shop Banners, some temporary... not actual size! The actual banners used are 512x128.

Update: April 2020 - Switch code finally working, interiors to all game houses made available for use, switch wheel expanded to up to 8 players.


BugFix 30th November 2020: For a very long time I have been chasing a bug that happened when you were drinking Juice or Smoothies. I spent almost three hours last night and got no closer to solving it. The debug output matched the other drink types exactly but the animation was screwing up big style.

Today I found it and it was a simple case of two missing entries in a Switch... Case section

    switch (DrinkType)
        // Beer has less wander idle anims than wander anims, so use the idle coffee anims count for this
        case DrinkType.Beer:
            IdleIndex = cPlayersExtended.modRandomNumber.Next(1, IdleCoffeeAnims.Count);
            AnimationName = IdleBeerAnims[IdleIndex];
        case DrinkType.Coffee:
            IdleIndex = cPlayersExtended.modRandomNumber.Next(1, IdleCoffeeAnims.Count);
            AnimationName = IdleCoffeeAnims[IdleIndex];
        case DrinkType.SoftDrink:
        case DrinkType.Juice:
        case DrinkType.Smoothie:
            IdleIndex = cPlayersExtended.modRandomNumber.Next(1, IdleSoftDrinkAnims.Count);
            AnimationName = IdleSoftDrinkAnims[IdleIndex];

Adding the values for both DrinkTypes solved the problem.

I haven't touched this project in a long time, it's probably the most complex mod I have written and it's quite scary going back into the code and have to try and relearn what it all does. It's also probably my most rewarding mod as well though because it basically made a huge chunk of the map functional It's begging for a change to be made to the WGS though, to cater for more flexible opening and closing times for weekdays and weekends.

Some locations already have that in place, so going to those locations at different times of day makes them inactive. I wanted the locations to feel properly functional and not just generic food and drink spots. The food stands and kiosks only operate at certain times of the day and that's how I want the whole map to work... like real life. This works inside the WGS too, as it will only return locations that are actually open and will tell you if there are no matching locations that are open. Most things are still on the default 9:00 to 5:00 times though, so there are some changes that need making in the locations data.

Edit: That last statement is wrong, the vast majority are on 24 hour opening, which is also wrong. The problem I am having with the opening times, is not every business displays them and if it does display them, you usually can't read the sign because it's so low-res.

Trivia: Earl's Gas Station up near Sandy Shores (near You Tool) has old petrol pumps that show a price of $20.29 for 11.8 gallons (53.64 litres) of fuel, which is about $0.38 per litre. By comparison, the Ron petrol station in Paleto Bay shows a price of $20 for 7 gallons (31.82 litres), or $0.62 per litre. The Ron price seems to be the common price across Xero Gas and Ltd stations as well. I can't remember if I checked that when I did Car Services and decided it seemed too low, or just picked a price out of thin-air. It costs me about £60 to fill my car in real-life, I would much prefer GTA prices.

Update 1st December 2020: At this point in time, there's a 4 letter word that seems most fitting. This mod does a lot, I mean a real ton of stuff with all the things it's managing and watching for. I did a test tonight to see how badly it was affecting performance, because things weren't feeling quite right... and I wasn't very happy with the results. It's costing me around 15fps to run this mod but I am not sure which part is doing the most damage. I could add some diagnostic code to try and check but that kind of code tends to also eat into performance, so you don't always get accurate results.

I really miss the days of the C64 where you could change the border colour when you started a subroutine. You could visually see how long each one was taking in relation to the 16 or 17 milliseconds you got per frame update... and it cost pretty much zero in processing time. Bad routines stood out like a sore thumb, because they resulted in a huge block of colour, so that's where you knew to focus your attention.

After all the hassle with the Lara ped (who has now moved into Niko's GTA 4 apartment, sorry the Janitor's apartment), it would have been nice to get some positive results, this kinda sucks real hard. *sigh*

Update 3rd December 2020: Added ob_vend1 & 2 to the killed scripts list, which allows me to display proper help at the vending machines. Noticed an issue inside the janitor's apartment but I have no idea how to fix it. Also noticed a bizarre bug when sat in a car outside that apartment, that causes the world to disappear. It's almost as if the area where the cars park wants to be an interior but isn't... very odd.