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Helicopter Effects / Random Dirty Cars / Bus Lights

Update: Still working in After Hours (version 1493)

It has come to my attention that there is a myth (again) around this mod. Allegedly, it doesn't work in the latest game version.

So just to clarify...


For the benefit of anyone who doesn't view my videos on YT, I will just offer up today's findings with regards to this mod. I did some digging back through the changelogs for this. If you read that, you can see that there was a change made in V1.5 for GTA V version 1103. This was an update that broke the pattern search that was used for the memory access code that Camxxcore wrote for me.

So V1.5 and V1.5.1 were still using that very same memory access code for materials and as you can see from this video, V1.5 is also still working in the latest GTA V


So I hope that my investigations have put this misinformation to bed.

Oh, and for the person who is distributing links to my mods on Discord and other sites and also uploading the actual mods to other mods sites (like GTA Inside), you're a real classy piece of work. People like you are why there are no download links on these pages. People like you are what is sucking the GTA V modding scene dry.

You're no better than a common thief and if I ever make a connection to an actual IP address that is used by you, the law will kick your ass sideways.