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During the creation of my mods and out of sheer curiosity, I frequently scan the data for items of interest. This page has some images that visualise those scans.

Note: Some of this info is repeated from other pages on this site, I decided to bring them all together on this single page as well.


Pointless Pictures of Map Related Info

These images serve no other function other than to satisfy curiosity about where things are in the map and displaying that info in a visual way. I find it interesting to see how developers choose to place items of interest and is some cases, to see how badly they choose to place those items.

World Guide System Locations: 2013 Locations

CCTV Viewer: 1625 Locations

Telephones: 362 Locations (Light Blue are Kiosks)

ATM Locations: 265 Locations

Bus Stops 40 Locations & Metro Stations 12 Locations: (Green = Bus Stop, Red = Metro Station)