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This is the Page of Shame


The Page of Shame

This page is to record those moments that are truly hysterical in GTAV modding history. The moments when the heroes fall flat on their faces. When the self-proclaimed "cream" get a dose of reality and have to go crying to moderators to "save them from the nasty honest people" who are leaving honest ratings that they simply don't like.

What kind of community has to manipulate the ratings to make them look good? 5Mods of course.

"Please sir, the nasty man said my mod is bad... please take away his hurtful comment and his devastating rating... or I might have to seek therapy". The fact that the mod is bad, simply didn't seem to be considered as an actual fact. The comment wasn't "non-constructive", it just had something less than 5-stars on it and this modder seems to think that only 5-stars is good enough for their mods.

When are these people going to grow a pair and stop behaving like entitled children? I guess when you have no competition, it's easy to think you're the cream of the crop. I mean, telling people your mods have self-stated "cool things" in them, is about the most arrogant, uncool thing you can do.

Aw man, you gotta love this site 5Mods. You see that post above, how within 20 minutes a comment on the Golden Boy's mod page was removed without hesitation... take a look at the comments on this mod Lamborghini Urus 2018

If you're not the Golden Boy, it seems your comment page is open season for a whole bunch of mediocre vehicle modders to give you grief and nothing is done to protect you from it. Just goes to show... it's not what you know, or how much time you spend doing something, it's who your buddies are and how willing they are to suck-up to get more mods from you. Well done 5Mods, your level of hypocrisy has reached new depths.

A while back, I accused 5Mods of having a "Buddy system" on their featured mods section. So it makes you wonder why a mod that is partly done by a 5Mods moderator, can get featured instantly if that's not the case. But take a look at the image below, both mods from this week, both mods have a moderator on the creation team, both mods were featured as they were uploaded. But the section is "all fair and above board"... yeah right! Man overboard!!!