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Much like the screw-ups page, this page will highlight some of the many errors in design logic present in GTA Online.


Rockstar Logic - It's Like Chocolate Fireguards

Whilst playing GTA Online, I frequently come across things that just make no sense, this page is dedicated to those things.

The RC Tank and the mysterious turret angle

Rockstar added an RC Tank to online, it has a turret that you can alter the angle of. That would make it quite useful, you would think... but this is Rockstar.

Whilst there are variations on the scenarios I have shown below (click image), like going on a slight uphill still leaves you with some aiming motion, the extremes really are this bad. Coupled with the NPC helicopters' ability to know exactly how high you can aim and to stay just above that, you are severely limited with anything that isn't right in front of you.

That being said, its ability to withstand sustained damage, makes it a good cop-trolling tool, as you can mow down wave after wave if you get yourself a good spot under cover.

Only Rockstar designers know why they made the stupid decision to make the turret angle absolute instead of relative. Then again, only they know why you can't shoot things in FPV that you can shoot in TPV, because the turret aims too high as well.

The Office, Custom Auto Shop and the mysterious entrance options

So consider this... you buy your office, you buy your garage levels and you buy your custom auto shop. The Custom Auto Shop only has one purpose and that's to let you modify your cars. And yet the only time you get the option to go to the Custom Auto Shop from outside, is when you try to enter the office... on foot.

If you want to take your car to your expensive Custom Auto Shop, you have to drive into a garage level, wait for the tedious animation to complete, wait for your character to get out of the car, get back into the car and then finally, choose "Modify your vehicle". Who on earth thought you'd only want to go straight to the auto shop when you're not actually in a car?

Daily Objectives and the case of the unlucky Lucky Wheel

Players: Great, we can spin the Lucky Wheel with both our characters.

Rockstar: Hey, we can't have you winning 2,500 RP twice, let's put an end to that.

Players: Hey! I can only spin once now for both characters... what the hell?

Rockstar: If you think that's a blast, watch this... Daily Objective:- Spin the Lucky Wheel... for both characters.

The fact that the Lucky Wheel hands out RP and Awards is already a joke but this level of malicious intent, is beyond comprehension... and still people defend Rockstar as if they're a company that does no wrong. I suspect if some of these people paid $100 for a Shark Card and got no money, they'd still find a way to defend it, because *Free* DLC right???